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by on February 20, 2020

Did you know that while 95% of brokerages/firms have their own website portal, 56% of Real Estate Agents don't have their own website? We thought that was a sad and strange statistic. So, we looked into it. 

We interviewed over 500 agents who didn't have sites and found the following reasons:


53% didn't know where to, or how to, create a website

28% didn't have the time to dedicate to building a website or hadn't gotten around to it yet

12% couldn't afford to build a website

4% Didn't see the value in having their own website

3% Other

So, our goal became to address at least the top 3. We needed something easy (no learning curve at all), instant (for busy agents), and low cost!


We've automated 90% of everything and are using our own 100% uptime dedicated server.

All you have to do is register for the site and you'll instantly have a multi-page, SEO-ready, WordPress website -- complete with Blog ability, About Page, and more. Use the visual builder to change the words and pictures instantly and VOILA! You're done!


We are so excited to be able to help other agents who are busy, confused, etc! 

Welcome to AgentPortal! (and also AgentHomePro LOL)

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