Buyer Leads + Free CRM + Free Human Concierge

  • NO Lead Sharing
  • NO Zip Code Sharing
  • NO Contracts
  • NO Startup Costs
  • NO Referral Fees
  • Free Human Concierge Service
  • Free CRM / CRM Integration

SALE! $699/month $299/month (with 7-Day Free Trial)

AgentPortal Leads give you exclusive access to clients in your area, with flexible terms, and powerful features such as CRM Integration. Dominate your market with automated lead generation and CRM-linking to build your brand and watch your business grow.


How Does it Work?

We send you buyer leads automatically. You can get them by email, text, or put right into your CRM. Don’t have a CRM? We will setup one for you!


Is There a Contract?

Nope. We don’t have any contracts. All agents are month-to-month and all memberships can be cancelled anytime. See the Terms & Conditions for more information.


What’s the Quality of the Leads?

These are internet leads so you will get a variety of prospects. Some people will be ready to buy in the next month or so, but most will be looking at properties because they have an interest in buying in the next 5-6 months. This is why it is so important to use an automated service like a CRM to continually work these leads over time.


Where do these leads come from?

Some are from social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, and Twitter), some are from search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing), and others are from our organic sources and partner websites. We look to get you as many great leads as possible wherever they live. No matter where the source, each lead will be from someone who is actively engaged in shopping for homes online. Our algorithm does a great job at finding the right buyers and encouraging them to engage.


How many leads can I expect?

This is a tricky number to calculate as there are several factors to consider:

  1. Your area
  2. Number of home buyers in the area
  3. The housing market in your area
  4. Time of year
  5. Economic & Political Factors
  6. Extreme weather events

We feel comfortable telling you at least 50 leads per month…but the reality is that most people see many more than that.

Our 2019 study shows an average of 47.5 leads per agent, a median of 65 leads, and an average of 1.25 closings a month when agents continue lead generation for an average of 4.5 months consecutively.

We have seen agents with as few as 30 and as many as over 100 (sometimes the same agent depending on the time of year), so there’s a wide margin to consider.